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The Lumberjack Manifesto

Once upon a time, lumberjacks were only known for their work in the woods. Well, times have changed and they’re coming out of it.

A big beard, a plaid red shirt, jeans and a manly look. It’s not surprising that such combination became one of the most attractive things for those who enjoy the man beauty at it’s tops. But for us, being a Lumberjack is much more than that.

Lumberjack is here, finally, to be not just another dating app. Lumberjack wants to embrace all the man diversity, no matter if you’re gay, bissexual, curious, trans. Lumberjack stands for equality and for the respect of each single being and their individuality. We want to celebrate our ability to change and to evolve, we want to celebrate life and living with the power of technology to makes the people come together, yeah!

In this day and age we know how hard it is to find someone new. Someone cool. We spend hours and hours browsing through grids, swiping to the left and to the right, but how much of this turn into reality? We want to make things easier, we want to break the ice.

So quick as a click, you can find someone closer to you to grab a bite, have a coffee, playing game or even walk your dogs together. Maybe you’ll be friends, maybe you’ll find the love of your life. Who knows! But we’ve made our job to give you a hand to turn this into reality in an uncomplicated way.

We’re not one more dating app, we’re building a community that you’re invited to join us.

Take a chance, make it happen, join Lumberjack!